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Confused about Resveratrol I did some searching and found some good advice about it. Specialy good advice about how to spot some of the scams. Thought I’d share.


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Fantastic Voyage Becomes Reality

Philips Research has developed a prototype for a pill that can navigate toward a specific spot in the body and deposit its medicine there, r...


The Elusive Primes

" 2, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 Can you spot the pattern yet? If so you might be able to claim the $1 million prize! These...


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Columbus Blue Jackets clinch first playoff s...

Defenseman Fedor Tyutin scored the lone goal in the shootout and the Columbus Blue Jackets earned their first playoff berth in franchise history%2...


AntiGay-Marriage Ad Sparks YouTube Revolt

There's a storm gathering. A minute-long TV spot by a group called the National Organization for Marriage is already spawning YouTube parodies%2...


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How To Spot A Steroid User

There are very many steroid abusers around the world, but most of them go unnoticed because there is no proper control or test used to determine steroid use – until now!


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cheap st. petersburg hotels

Saint Petersburg is located at the base of the Tampa Bay peninsula in Pinellas County, in Florida of usa. It’s a huge tourists spot due to the Florida Holocaust Museum, Fort...


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Obamas Computerized Hospital Vision May Have...

The Obama administration plans to start reforming health care by forcing the nation's hospitals to go digital. But this well-intentioned plan co...


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The Human Blind Spot

Find your blind spot and figure out how it works

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