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1und1 Telefon Flatrate mit DSL Internettelef...

1und1 Festnetztelefonie per DSL Internetverbindung (VoIP). Voice over IP bietet Telefonie per DSL. Diese Telefonie funktioniert auch ohne eingeschaltetem PC. Sie schließen an...


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Comcast services review and complaints by customers. The company specializes in telecommunications providing Cable casting, Broadband Internet, VoIP, Comcast Digital Voice.


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Internet Telephony VoIP: A New Way of Talkin...

Internet telephony VoIP is usually easy to operate and has standard features such as call display, call diversion as well as call waiting.


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VOIP services

One may be pleasantly surprised to know that there is a lot of advantages to be had when one uses the Internet to make calls instead of regular landlines and VOIP services are...


VoIP phone service from Packet8–Voip Ser...

Packet8 is a Voip service provider that offers a VoIP phone service package that is quite similar to that of its competitor, Vonage. That said there are important differences ...


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VoIP Telephony Service; Revolution in Commun...

This VoIP telephony service is really picking up these days, especially with the pushing of service providers in the more urban areas. The service providers are offering extre...


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Jabber-Server (XMPP-Server) – Freie Regist...

Deutscher Jabber-Server (XMPP) mit vielen Funktionen (Transports, Video-Chat, VoIP, File-Transfer uvm.) und sehr gutem Support. Natürlich kostenlos und mit SSL-Verschlüsselu...


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Ip phone and voip gateway in Canada

Online store providing a large choice of voip hardware and Ip phone in Canada. linksys, aastra, snom and many other brands available.

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