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Japan Feels Strain of Cheap 100Mbps Broadban...

For a mere $36/month Japan residents are getting 100Mbps fiber-optic broadband and free VoIP. 5.5m have now added the faster service, in...


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Free International Calls To UK, USA, Canada,...

Jaxtr is a well known company in the field of communications. It is known to be one of the largest social communications companies across the world. It has craved its own nich...


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Wimax Hardware

Wimax verzichte auf aufwendige Hardware für den Internetbetrieb. Lediglich ein Modem, eine Antenne und evtl. ein VOIP-Router werden benötigt. Mehr über die technischen Deta...


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free Internet Calls, Internet Phone Calls Fr...

With the advancement of technology in the mobile phone industry, there is the beginning of a new era. The making of hassle free international calls has become an easy possibil...


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Apple to Allow VoIP Over WiFi

If someone develops a VoIP program for the iPhone, Apple will only prevent it from making calls over a cell network to protect poor little%2...


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Follow Me On Twitter, Buttons, Free Voip Cal...

First of all sorry for some offbeat post here on free voip calls blog. Actully I was adding something new on my blog and here I am with new twitter widget (on right hand side ...


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Pennsylvania VOIP Phone

A telecommunications service company in the Philadelphia area offering voip phone systems for businesses.


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Maryland VOIP Phone

Offering phone systems for businesses in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. We can handle all of your telephony phone services needs.


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Utah VOIP Phone

A telecom systems provider in the Salt Lake City, Utah area offering voice over ip phone systems for businesses.


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Arizona Office Phone Systems

Offers several business phone system options such as voip and other digital integrated solutions in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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