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Bedbugs and other pests: The ugly side of ci...

After a night in a San Francisco motel three years ago, Maciej Ceglowski awoke covered in bedbug bites.


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Bed Bugs

This article is all about bedbugs


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Bedbugs Infested Apartment

This video is about an elderly man who live in a low income apartment that are infested with bedbugs.


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What are bedbugs are and what they do

This article gives information about the actually bedbug, what it looks like, how it acts, and how it survives in your home and belongings.


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How to Kill Bed Bugs

This artlcle talks about the different methods of killing bedbugs like using natural non toxic products and then using the toxic products exterminators use.


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Facts You Must Know About Bed Bugs

This articles help people to understand what are bedbugs, the signs to look for, prevention and a solution.


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Does Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bedbugs?

This artilcles talk about bedbugs, their bites, signs of bedbugs infestation, what can you do to eliminate them and effectiveness of diatomaceous earth against bedbugs


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Where does bedbugs come from?

This article talks about where you can pick up bedbugs and how you bring them into your home.


BedBugs are Bad News

This article talks about bedbugs resurfacing and where you can normally find them. In the late 1990's reports started to surface.

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