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17. Jun 12

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von leernest

What if we took down Wall Street? - 1 - economy & ...


The anger is intense, and the big banks deserve much of the blame for the economic mess we're in. But the problems that bringing them down would cause are the last thing we need. - MSN Money exchange-...

21. May 12

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von jugatzke

Banks Still Threatening Homeowners with Foreclosur...


Banks Still Threatening Homeowners with Foreclosure Even After a Loan Mod - Commentaires

07. May 12

Rampage of PPI on the Unaware


PPI is payment protection insurance and has been mis sold to thousands of borrowers. People were unaware that this insurance is optional in many cases. Lenders have set aside billions of pounds to rep...

03. May 12

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von tanastacia

Which Bank Can I Trust With A Loan Modification?


The Best Bank To Get A Loan Modification From About $7 billion was set aside for the Hardest Hit Fund which provides subsidies to states for various foreclosure prevention programs. That, too, has b...

27. Apr 12

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Elisabeth Banks remplace Kate Winslet dans la com...


La chaise musicale continue, mais le casting se confirme pour la comédie " Frank & Francis " de Charlie Kaufman. Le scénariste à l'imagination débordante passe une fois de plus à la réalisation.

24. Apr 12

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von stablging

Is Getting A Loan Going To Get Tougher?


Is Getting A Loan Proceeding To Get Harder? I am not really sure if they are waiting for the economy to get better or for the the planets and stars to line up showing that the time to buy a home wo...

20. Apr 12

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von alintiayani

Credit Unions vs Banks - Which One Is Better?


There is an ongoing debate about which is better – credit unions vs banks. Frankly, for my money, I choose the first. The profits from their monetary investments go right back into where they belong...

03. Apr 12

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sperm banks


We provide the caring and sensitive support you need, the high quality donor sperm you require, and are accredited by the AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks) and fully compliant with FDA regul...

30. Mar 12

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payment protection insurance mis sold


Payment protection insurance (or PPI) has been mis sold to many thousands of people in the UK. It has caused quite a stir as people have discovered that they have been scammed by banks and other lendi...

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Banks Screw Customers Credit Scores


Miscommunitcation And Disorganization Have Caused Mistaken Forclosures We’ve pointed out cases in which banks’ miscommunication and disorganization have caused mistaken foreclosures [1], but ...


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