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24. Mar 18

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von mtorres

comparing Islam and Christianity


This compare and contrast essay is comparing Islam and Christianity.

23. Mar 17

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von kturner

The Two Types of Countries


Happy countries are all alike. Unhappy countries are each miserable in their own way. In the millennia since God banished man from the Garden of Eden

14. Aug 16

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von hknight

I’m a Christian Medium at BUILDING THE BRIDGE


Can you be a Christian medium? In this video, Rev. Lee Allen Howard, Christian medium, says yes.

22. Jul 16

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von hknight

Transfiguration of Jesus at BUILDING THE BRIDGE


Recently, I delivered a message titled "The Transfiguration of Jesus." Here's the audio of the sermon. In it, I discuss what death is, what happens at physical death, and how transfiguration is the Ch...

08. Jul 16

Can You Be a Christian Medium? at BUILDING THE BRI...


Can you be a Christian medium? Most Christians gnash their teeth and scream, "No!" But I say, "Yes." I'm both a Christian and a psychic medium. Here's why.

23. Mar 16

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von hknight

Book Release: Lonnie Frisbee, Catalyst for Revival...


Lee Allen Howard recounts Frisbee’s life and provides the context in which he came to faith and entered ministry. The book reveals the church’s reaction to the news of his sexual orientation and t...

16. Jan 16

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von mtorres

Word of Light at Building the Bridge


A channeled message about the word of guidance and fountains of righteousness springing forth in the desert on January 7, 2016.

01. Jan 16

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von ghill

Meditating on Scriptural Sutras at BUILDING THE BR...


What are sutras, and how are they used in meditation? Here's how to incorporate scriptures in your meditation to transform your mind.

30. Oct 15

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von ghill

God Accepts LGBTQIs at Building the Bridge


Does God accept LGBTQIs? God not only loves you, but accepts you completely.

03. Oct 15

Response to a Concerned Heterosexual Christian Ava...


Response to a Concerned Heterosexual Christian is now available in trade paperback. This booklet speaks to Christians from an evangelical perspective about what it's like to be rejected by those who s...

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