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27. Oct 16

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von Intentional

How Our Biases Cause Us To Misinterpret Politics |...


Learn how politicians use our brain s wiring against us, and how you can guard yourself from being manipulated!

25. Oct 16

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von Intentional

3 Decision-Making Principles I Taught My Son


These three principles revolutionized a science called economics and how we think about money. More recently, a new kind of economics emerged, has which has introduced psychology - the science of the ...

24. Jun 11

Business speaker recommendations for making improv...


Excellent "insider" report. A good tip for making improved decisions.

17. Dec 09

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von jinalife

What Happens When You Avoid Making Decisions?


When you have a decision to make and don’t make it you are making a decision in itself – to put it off! Delaying decisions often puts you at risk of someone or something else making the decision f...