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08. Jul 15

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von CPEweblogb

Basic Components of Computer System and Instructio...


A computer system consists of various hardware components. Each component plays a specific role in computer system. These components are interconnected to each other in such a way so that the computer...

01. Feb 12

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von Alinahere

Science decodes 'internal voices'


Researchers have demonstrated a striking method to reconstruct words, based on the brain waves of patients thinking of those words.

01. Apr 11

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von ardathfreu

Decode: Pair These Mad Scientists With Their Victi...


Pop culture icons have turned mad scientist and converted their loved ones into two-headed monstrosities. Match the mad scientist on the left with the clue

25. Mar 11

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von maxineddxn

Dr. Sudoku Prescribes: Borderlines | Magazine | W...


This week Dr. Sudoku continues to experiment with a new kind of loop puzzle, with harder challenges than last time.

22. Mar 11

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von isaiaiaaaa

Dr. Sudoku Prescribes: Median Link | Magazine | W...


This week Doctor Sudoku starts to experiment with a new loop-drawing puzzle from Japan.

02. Feb 11

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von window76blinds

Your Princess Is in Another Game: The MIT Mystery ...


Alex Calhoun shares his experience participating in the 2011 MIT Mystery Hunt. Calhoun's team, Codex Alimentarius, was the first to finish this year's hunt,

29. Nov 10

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von window76blinds

Dr. Sudoku Prescribes: Numberlink Puzzles | Magazi...


Numberlink is an incredibly simple puzzle concept: draw lines in a grid that connect each pair of numbers. While the rules are easy to understand, the puzzles can be difficult to solve without some ex...

14. Nov 10

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von mariolaari

Decode: Do the Pachinko Puzzle | Magazine | Wired...


The hottest redemption game in Japan is pachinko, which takes in tens of billions of dollars a year. On this pachinko board, each type of pin impacts your

10. Aug 10

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von butzi

base64_decode - PHP URL functions - functions-onli...


Decodes a string ($data) encoded with base64_encode().


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