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14. Oct 11

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Peter Orszag - Creating Change


Orszag has famously, and controversially, fought for healthcare reform, as he believes that if the healthcare reform were to take action than the fiscal health of the nation would dramatically increas...

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Peter Orszag - Successful Economist


Peter Orszag, a highly successful economist, has been able to help the American government navigate the waters of the tumultuous economy while trying to gain a foothold in the new world market.

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Peter Orszag Advises On Public Policy


Peter Orszag, the former head of the Obama Office of Management and Budget, advised President Obama on public policy and was responsible for the nation’s budget, including making decisions regarding...

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Peter Orszag – Economist That Cares


Peter Orszag is one of the well-known economists today, though his ideas have been regarded as controversial by many. Having worked in various economic positions and held many jobs which relied on his...

12. Oct 11

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Noda's "Do or Die" TPP Moment and Agriculture Refo...


It seems inevitable—and clearly part of Noda’s approach—that acquiesce of Japan’s vested agricultural interests to TPP accession, if it comes, will be purchased at the price of a raft of “ag...

10. Oct 11

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Small Business Owners are a Small Share of the Wea...


Conventional wisdom holds that most people get wealthy by starting a business. That pattern may once have been true, but it doesn't appear to hold anymore.  More of the wealthy are senior executives,...

09. Oct 11

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Peter Orszag on the Huffington Post


OMB Director Peter Orszag and ABC News financial reporter Bianna Golodryga are engaged! The couple, who began dating after the White House Correspondent's Association Dinner in May and whose relations...

08. Oct 11

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Peter Orszag on Healthcare, Books and The Hamilton...


Peter R. Orszag is an American economist serving as Vice Chairman of Global Banking at Citigroup since January of 2011. Orszag is also currently an adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Rela...

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Peter Orszag - American Economist


Prior to becoming Vice Chairman of Global Banking at Citigroup, Peter Orszag served as the 37th Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under President Barack Obama, who nominated him to...

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Director of the Congressional Budget Office - Pete...


Orszag was a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution from 2001-2007, before taking his subsequent White House positions. Brookings is a nonprofit, nonpartisan Washington D.C.-based think tank, cond...


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