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12. May 12

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Keen On You


Information and tools for singles dating, relationships or for those just wanting to know someone in a little more depth.

31. Aug 11

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Online Indian Community with Classifieds for 60 cities worldwide, of quality writers. Read/Write Blogs, India Yellow Pages, Movie reviews & Stars, Travel guide, Tickets, Events and News

09. Jul 11

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Flora (Israel) - Happy Today on Tour in Berlin@ Li...


Little Stage Club Jonasstr. 1 12053 Berlin-Neukölln Eintritt frei! Flora - Happy today Debut Album Happy today is a debut album from Singer songwriter Liron Meshulam aka known as Flora. Liro...

21. Sep 10

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Homeopathic & Holistic Medicine


Self-Healing Expressions ~ Holistic Healing | Alternative, Homeopathic & Holistic Medicine

07. Jan 10

10 Plumbing Expressions That Don’t Mean What You...


“I’m here to plunge your toilet.” This can mean many, many things. Truth be told, Plumbing rivals Italian, French and Spanish when it comes to sexy languages, as these terms and expressions wi...

22. Sep 09

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von sa-ma-el

Essential Guide To Regular Expressions: Tools and ...


Regular expressions are something that you'll come across at least once in your development cycle. Here are some resources to get you well on%...

08. Sep 09

The Subjunctive in Adverb Clauses


The subjunctive may be used in Spanish in various adverb clauses.The most important conjunctions and conjunctive expressions which may introduce subjunctives of this kind are the following

07. Sep 09

Numbers. Numerical Expressions


Uno, when not in compounds or when in compounds and following the noun, is inflected as are the adjectives in -o. When it precedes the noun in compounds it is uninflected.

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The Seasons, Months, Days of the Week, etc


The names of the seasons and of the days of the week are generally preceded by the definite article,The method of expressing the time of day is illustrated by the following examples:

06. Sep 09

Molecular Expressions: Photography through the Mic...


The Molecular Expressions Galleria is a gateway to numerous collections of photographs taken through a microscope.