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16. Sep 17

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von erwin6lloyd

global unity


Stop wishing for world unity and become a part of the solution. 1WorldEvolution is a leading organization that promotes world unity and peace.

14. Nov 16

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von mtorres

Leaked Clinton campaign memo on ‘climate change...


Leaked Clinton campaign memo shows ‘climate change’ is really just about politics

07. Nov 16

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von mtorres

Leonardo DiCaprio: People who believe in the laws ...


Leonardo DiCaprio proves once again he doesn't know what he's talking about.

09. Mar 16

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von gogreenindia

Global Warming|Environment Issues|Climate Change i...


Go Green India is doing an initiative with times Of India to make people aware about global warming and climate change issues and problems.

11. Dec 12

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von sapruseesp

More voices needed in climate debate - CNN.com


After two weeks of climate negotiations in Doha, bleary-eyed ministers, negotiators, and advocates are headed back home to the various regions around the world. Few, if any, are leaving entirely satis...

08. Oct 12

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von jrooneyrer

Copenhagen: United Nations Chief Ban Ki-Moon Calls...


In an interview with ABC News at the Copenhagen summit on global climate change, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said President Barack Obama has "changed the dynamic" on global warming ne...

06. Sep 12

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von natmore

Arctic ice melt 'like adding 20 years of CO2 emiss...


Loss of Arctic ice is effectively doubling mankind's contribution to global warming, ice scientist Professor Peter Wadhams has told BBC Newsnight.

22. Jun 12

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von leodivkil

The Negative Impact of Economic Growth


How does economic growth affect global warming?

06. Apr 12

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von sophiemorgan

10 Things You Never Knew About: Global Warming | ...


What better way to mark Al Gore's 64th birthday than to check out ten facts about the issue closest to his heart?

29. Mar 12

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von reshawn

Has global warming brought an early summer to the ...


Climate change may have made the unseasonably warm spell that left North America sweltering in March more likely to happen