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25. Aug 10

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von auhubbardu

Photos: Honeycomb Clouds "Communicate


Like blinking fireflies, some marine clouds "communicate" with each other, forming, raining, and re-forming in unison, a new study says.

20. Aug 10

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von jorgesjohnson

A Few Tips on Writing a Global Warming Term Paper


Writing papers on global warming is always a difficult task. In addition, global warming ain't smooth sailing thing to create a paper on.

25. Jul 10

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von mundaneflutemom

Della Valle Bernheimer And ARO Design Energy-effic...


Eco Factor: Sustainable house designed to minimize energy consumption. Architects at Della Valle Bernheimer in collaboration with...

22. Jul 10

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von mundaneflutemom

BIG Designs P.S.1 Temporary Installation From Recy...


Eco Factor: Temporary installation to be made using recycled PVC. BIG Architects believe that building something new in order to tear it down...

05. Jul 10

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von timothybush

Development aid


How-we-can-help is intended to encourage people to share their ideas „how we can help to……..“ the mayor topics nowadays (environment, the poor, homeless, economy…). So the site does not focu...

18. Apr 10

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von johnjonnnn

Climate Change Facts | Global Warming Causes


Climate Change Facts The fact is, there are many misconceptions regarding climate change. One hot day does not automatically indicate permanent climate

02. Apr 10

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von wells17t

Hy-bon Engineering


Hy-bon Engineering specializes in the identification, quantification and capture of low pressure gas streams, improving profits and reducing major greenhouse gas emissions.

15. Mar 10

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von johnjonnnn

Global Warming Information


Global Warming Information Our earth is sitting on the proverbial hot seat and the problem of global warming issues continues to worsen while creating

23. Feb 10

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von abhishekr



Going green is no more just an option for us. It is something that every inhabitant of this planet has to strive for if we don’t want our planet to be destroyed due to global warming.

14. Nov 09

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von kaceymonks

Dynamixx Limited A Laughable Way to make Money fro...


Dynamixx.co.uk trys to put the defense industry, at the forefront of climate change! Seems like people will try and make anything look green to make some dollars and this site is a laughable example o...