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21. Jan 17

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von jadams

Bespoke furniture from UK craftsmen


Take a look at the stunning portfolio of bespoke furniture from James Nunn and the team.

06. Feb 13

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von eeiiliiiyahh

How to Care for Handmade Furniture


So you've made the investment in beautiful, handmade furniture that was designed to last you a lifetime and more. But as we know with many things from cars to fine china, items only last as long as we...

03. Dec 12

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von aaiiigharr

Furnishing a Contemporary Kitchen


Contemporary designs are marked by clean lines, simplicity, and lack of embellishment. A contemporary kitchen is faced with the challenge of maintaining a clean look in a room that’s inherently clut...

18. Nov 12

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von prajitsmills

Interior Design: Where to Splurge and Where to Sav...


It can be really easy to spend a fortune on home décor. The truth is that you do not really have to in order for your home to look like you did. Mixing more expensive pieces with items that come from...

11. Oct 12

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von aaffrriin

Dress up Your Home with Custom Furniture


Are you tired of making do with the space you have? Maybe you don’t like investing your time and money in home improvement projects. Perhaps you’re not a homeowner, but that doesn’t mean you don...

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von frraankkii

Customize Your Home with Handmade Furniture


Handmade furniture and other custom additions to your home give it a unique design and allow the your personal style to shine through. Investing in beautiful furniture for your home improves its look ...

06. Sep 12

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von rragghnailtt

Customizing Your Own Lap of Luxury


Remember your first apartment or house share, when you scored great, well-worn pieces of furniture from people who left it out on the sidewalk, or you bought the cheapest possible necessities at a dis...

03. Aug 12

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von gghaliiyahh

How to Make Your Own Dining Table with Salvaged Ma...


Staying green is a growing trend. We can all do our part to recycle and reduce our carbon footprint to keep this planet clean and healthy. There are some unique, creative things we can do to stay eco-...

18. Jul 12

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von ulhasbell

Your Summer Home Office Beckons


Many people work at home or have a designated office room in their houses. Click here for advice on home office furniture!

16. May 12

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von vonnyeslliii

Buy Local and Boost the Economy Close to Home


Buying locally is an effective way to help strengthen regional economies and Furniture by Dovetail lets you know the benefits of buying local.

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