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15. Jun 16

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von danielkoepf

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? Basic Information Abou...


We all hate bed bugs. The idea of something creeping through our sheets while we are asleep definitely makes us cringe in terror. Not to mention their capabilities of sucking blood out of our system, ...

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How to Get Rid of Little Black Ants?


How to get rid of little black ants? Let me guess what you’re up to. You wake up in the morning, hurriedly get a cup of coffee and read your daily news. But just before you have some sip on your ...

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von danielkoepf

Is A Scorpion An Insect? Why or Why Not?


If you think that a scorpion is also an insect, then you are not alone. Because of its resemblance, people think that scorpions are insects. Here are some facts regarding the similarities of scorpions...

18. Feb 16

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von rabipatra

Ant War: fossil insects appear locked in mortal co...


#Cosmoread: Ants and termites armored battleships well preserved in amber have been found in a strange world.

02. Aug 13

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von catchaflyapp

Catch A Fly


Help small spider to beat his enemies! Build your web in various places, catch and eat flies and other insects!

20. May 13

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von DebbieSimon

A traveler's guide to eating insects - CNN.com


According to a recent U.N. report, insects could be a solution to some of the world's food and health problems. They're nutritious, eco-friendly and abundant. Many countries already consider them a st...

16. Aug 12

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von myservice14u

Pest Control Phoenix


Phoenix is a beautiful place to live, but the insects can get pretty bad. So be sure to check out Bill's Pest Control! It's a family owned business, and they are great at eliminating pests.

15. Jun 12

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von leodivkil

Ascania-Nova. Ukraine. A Great Biosphere reserve o...


Askania-Nova. A great Biosphere reserve Askania-Nova is situated in the South of Ukrainian steppe in the Kherson Region. Biosphere reserve Askania-Nova. Great Chapel Massif… plants, animals, insects...

02. May 12

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von sophiemorgan

Jurassic pain: Giant 'flea-like' insects plagued d...


It takes a gutsy insect to sneak up on a huge dinosaur while it sleeps, crawl onto its soft underbelly and give it a bite that might have felt like a needle going in -- but giant "flea-like" animals, ...

18. Mar 12

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von sshila

Addicting Games


Cut through the deadly waves of the evil imperial armada to defend your homeland in this arcade-style shoot-em-up.


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