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30. Oct 13

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von colezola

binaural beats lucid dreaming


Binaural beats lucid dreaming offers world's best collection of theta binaural beats,isochronic tones, binaural beats free and brain wave entertainment.

29. Aug 13

LG Lucid 2 Accessories Store at Fommy.com


LG Lucid 2 Accessories store with exclusive and trendy collections of LG Lucid 2 Cases, LG Lucid 2 Screen Protectors, LG Lucid 2 Vehicle Mounts. Fommy.com is a complete LG Lucid 2 accessories store.To...

07. May 12

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von pignwald

Lucid Dream Tonight


If you want to learn how to lucid dream, as with anything in life, you will need a plan that makes the process simple. You will find that plan at my blog.

12. Apr 12

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von nickieslopez

Florida shooter Zimmerman is "very lucid": defense...


From Yahoo! News: ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - The new lawyer for George Zimmerman, the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer charged with murder in the death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, ...

29. Feb 12

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von maryamyaay

Is Lucid's Virtu MVP the next big thing for gaming...


We have as yet to see LucidLogix's new Virtu MVP software in action, but if we're to believe a blog post on Gigabyte's (un)official blog, then we're looking at something that every single gamer will w...

12. Jan 12

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von forrestsyt

LucidLogix announced XLR8 software for ARM GPUs an...


We've already seen a lot of examples of what LucidLogix has managed to do with its Virtu software, but its latest software named XLR8 has us scratching our heads. The software is targeting the various...

02. Sep 11

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von loukoluuul

How To Lucid Dream


Lucid dreaming focuses on currently being informed you are dreaming while inside dream. It's always rather easy to discover ways to dream lucidly. Would like to discover ways to handle your goals? Obs...

27. Aug 11

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von elvirleree

How To Stay Lucid In A Dream


As discovering your nocturnal journeys and witnessing the weird conjectures of the unconscious brain, do you usually find yourself saying, “Hey, is this a dream?” Properly, then you definately has...

26. Aug 11

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von febrirfrrr

How to Remember Your Dreams


Dream recall is an key prerequisite to lucid dreaming. It is because whenever you understand how to recollect your goals, it becomes less complicated to grasp the characteristics and designs of the dr...

25. Aug 11

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von sumblueeuu

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming


Getting an enriching and exhilarating experience, there are many many benefits of lucid dreaming. Nonetheless, before shifting on to these favorable utilizes of lucidity, you may need to understand th...


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