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31. Aug 11

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Group Claims - Yahoo! News


Sony has been hacked again, according to a group that recently infiltrated the servers for PBS. Sony also said there was no "clear evidence" that a previous hack exposed users' credit card data.

09. Aug 11

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Flurry: iOS Pulling Developer Interest From Androi...


New numbers from Flurry indicate that developers are slowly swinging back to work more on the iOS platform versus Android.

05. Aug 11

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Is Nintendo Now Losing Money on Every 3DS Sold? - ...


Now that Nintendo has dropped the price of its 3DS to $170, it may be taking a loss on every unit sold.

02. Aug 11

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HTC Sues Apple UK Weeks After ITC Loss - Yahoo! Ne...


Taiwanese cell phone manufacturer HTC has taken its complaint to a U.K. court.

21. Jul 11

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Mozy Launches iOS


Online backup leader Mozy today released mobile apps that give business users secure access to their backed up files.

29. Jun 11

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Google Reportedly Facing FTC Antitrust Investigati...


Google is reportedly the target of an antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, with requests for information expected to be handed to the search giant within days.

26. Jun 11

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Sonic the Hedgehog Gets Anniversary Bundle for 20t...


In celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th birthday, Sega is pushing the latest game in the series, Sonic Generations, and releasing a 20th anniversary bundle on the PlayStation Store.

25. May 11

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Phishing Site Discovered on Sony Server - Yahoo! N...


Capping off a week that saw Sony disable logins across some of its PlayStation Network properties thanks to a password exploit, F-Secure has identified a phishing site running on one of Sony's servers...

18. May 11

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Microsoft on Monday expanded its use of Facebook within its Bing search engine, adding "likes" and recommendations from friends and strangers into search results.

26. Apr 11

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Report: T-Mobile Getting White


Just when you thought you'd seen every "iPhone 5" or "iPhone 4s" rumor out there, over the weekend another tech blog released a photo album showing a white, dual-core iPhone supported by T-Mobile.