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15. Jul 13

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von liouesjo

International Calling Cards from iKappa


International calling cards and phone cards. Secure and online. Calling abroad for students, business relations, families and more. From iKappa

11. Apr 13

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von tchaopach

VoIP Termination


From the day Alfred Graham Bell invented the telephone scientists were doing experiments to find cheaper ways of communication. The old telephone systems were replaced with new systems and the charges...

15. Feb 12

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von sauwild

International calls


International calls: Reliance Global Call offers superior International calling services at lowest rates to call over 200 countries across the globe. Switch to Reliance and feel the difference.

28. Jun 10

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von Camrallenn

Solaris premium Prepaid Phone Card - calls from th


Solaris is a premium Prepaid Phone Card for calling from a lot of countries. There is a Permanent PIN with a Refill feature and a PIN Free Access option. Low rates.

26. May 10

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von Alexkirenn

Hello from UK Prepaid Calling Card - call from UK


One more excellent Prepaid Phone Card from my favourite online store http://www.anyphone-anytime.com/.

30. Jul 09

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von alexandreva

Your Resource for Calling Card News


The Phone Cards are available at places where the person visits frequently. Now, these can be purchased online as well. This would particularly benefit those who make frequent travel or for those who ...

24. Jul 09

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von tripleHs

Where All The Phone Card Buzz Is!


These phone cards will save you hundreds of dollars along with different offers. Surely, you can spot out better ways of spending your money instead of throwing them away on your international calls.

19. Jul 09

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von rudeparksey

Yellow Calling Card


Calling cards are the simple and best solution of staying in touch with your family, friends and relatives. Making long distance calls with these cards is easy and can be easily done from anywhere.

16. Jul 09

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von gailcores

Tips and Advice on Phone Cards


Several different methods exist, in fact, to make affordable international calls. Some of these methods include VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and phone cards that offer cheap in...

09. Jul 09

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von capris

Monitoring the Phone Card Business


Blog on discussing the latest deals on phone cards & also how to save money with the long distance calls with various calling cards.