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11. Aug 11

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von sbmnarayan

Stop Sweaty Palms


Looking for a way to cure your sweaty palms? Learn how to stop excessive hand sweating and cure sweaty hands (palmar hyperhidrosis) for good!

16. Jun 11

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von joeysmith

Sweaty Feet


Last time in summer my younger brother was sweating like a pig and he was feeling embarrass because of it. Someone suggested Klimadeo and I gave him that. literally it helped a lot for sweating soluti...

06. Jun 11

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von joeysmith



Klima has received thousands of testimonials, endorsements from dermatology clinics, podiatrists and doctors from around the world. You will find a great deal of information here on nutrition, fitness...

03. Dec 10



if you are suffering from sweating you really need a Medicare its not like that common deodorant will help you to deal with excessive sweating, checkout some of the clinically proven antiperspirant de...

03. Nov 10

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von steveus

Sweaty Hands


Maxim Plus is a new revolutionary, patent pending technology that has been formulated with advanced nano-peptide technology. Nano-sized peptide molecules, work to plug the sweat glands of the hands, f...

21. Aug 10

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von quiporteee

Cure My Sweaty Palms - You CAN cure your sweaty pa...


Cure My Sweaty Palms is a unique and proven to work home treatment for getting rid of sweaty palms without any side effects in just 5 days.

01. Nov 09

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von schweiss

SweatStop® Anti-perspirant stop excessive sweatin...


Anti-perspirant against sweat, sweaty hands and excessive sweating for hyperhidrosis. SweatStop® anti-perspirant for underarm sweat, sweating and facial sweating

11. Jun 09

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von lisaxfbaker

I learned the real way to curing my sweaty palms


My name is Edward and I suffer from sweaty palms or Hyperhidrosis. I have had this affliction since my early teenage years and it has caused a lot of embarrassment, especially with women that I’ve m...

25. Feb 09

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von tony1

Get Rid Of Sweaty Palms - Home


Everyone sweats; it's a fact of life. But some people are cursed with overactive sweat glands that can cause embarrassing stains and extreme odor. Some people have these types of issues from the palms...

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