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19. Jul 10

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von franzyano

Fat and Testosterone are Like Mixing Oil and Water


According to the NAAFA website, “Founded in 1969, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) is a non-profit civil rights organization dedicated to ending size discrimination in all ...

11. Jul 10

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You can easily find diet pills, herbal vitamins, organic supplements, antioxidants, calcium, creatine, biotin, car

09. Jul 10

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von franzyano

Facts About Testosterone


Testosterone plays a major role in the development of male reproductive tissue, and also promotes bone and muscle mass, along with the growth of hair. It helps to prevent osteoporosis in men, much the...

07. Jul 10

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von franzyano

Arimidex Testosterone Booster – Side-Effects Ris...


As always, an individual should make their family doctor aware of any medications or supplements, that they may consider using.

02. Jul 10

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Testosterone use in men with poor mobility may lea...


A study reported by the New England Journal of Medicine shows that using testosterone to build muscle in older men led to heart problems in men who suffer from poor mobility.

29. Jun 10

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von franzyano

Topical Testosterone for Fat Loss


An interesting study was published in 2005 in the American Journal of Physiology— Endocrinology and Metabolism, investigating the effect of testosterone and/or growth hormone in hypopituitary adult ...

17. Apr 10

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von combizz

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23. Mar 10

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Purchase steroid online


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03. Feb 10

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Vigor Quest - NYTimes.com


A growing number of well-off men are injecting a hormone to forestall aging. Does it work — or is it enough that they simply think it does?

02. Feb 10

Buy Steroid Online


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