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18. Sep 18

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von annikahausmann

Translation in the Consumer and Retail Industry


As more and more businesses are branching out to market their products to different customers. So there is a growth in demand for translators. This is in all types of industries including the consumer...

Reasons For Why Not To Rely On Online Free Docum...


Back in 2016, the “Panama Papers” became top news. It was when about 11.5 million confidential documents became public through a leak.

17. Sep 18

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von Wagner

technical manual translation german english french


KLAPPENTEXT unter: http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/3000290990 ISBN 9783000290992; Preis 12,95 euro; Verlag Lehrmittel-Wagner: CD-ROM

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von Wagner

translation software dictionary german-english-fre...


educational software + technical english-german dictionaries - Technisches Englisch-Deutsch-Französisch Woerterbuecher. german glossary engineering + technical drawings. german-english dictionary avi...

14. Sep 18

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von zelleralexander

You are Advised Not to Lie in a Foreign Language!


It’s not often you probably really think about whether someone is lying or not but if you do think about it there are some cues that indicate somebody may be lying. Perhaps they start to speak quick...

21. Aug 18

Cyber Crime & Data Security in Today’s Translat...


Security for almost the whole history of the internet has been a hot topic. These days, whether you are involved in politics, in a business like a translation business, or you are concerned about your...

25. Jul 18

5 Vital Facts about Legal Translations


Not all legal translations are the same, so there are various things you need to consider before going through the legal translation process.

24. Jul 18

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von germanseos

Übersetzungsbüro, Übersetzung


Wenn Sie eine professionelle Übersetzung benötigen sollten Sie ein Übersetzungsbüro buchen. Wir müssen jedoch akzeptieren, dass auch wenn dieser Prozess gewissenhaft verfolgt wird, Fehler passier...

19. Jul 18

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von zelleralexander

What is Book Meta Data Translation?


Every author wants a book to find its way to an international audience. The use of metadata is becoming increasingly important as a method of getting discovered by a larger audience.

30. May 18

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von annikahausmann

Multilingual translation of government information


There are some translation professionals who specialise in big multilingual translation jobs for government agencies and departments which require translations.

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