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neil47pe am 06.04.2018

Hastings Specialty Furniture offers an exquisite selection of finely crafted furniture, including IMG Comfort Recliners, chairs and sofas. Check it out!

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jeanette14wy am 12.03.2018

There is something special about IMG Recliners that makes them a must-have for comfort furniture lovers. Check them out here!

jeanette14wys Tags: img recliners

young89tn am 01.11.2017

Shop for IMG Recliners in Melbourne today! Hastings Specialty Furniture is one of the leading suppliers of IMG comfort furniture in Australia and can help you select the best furniture for your needs.

young89tns Tags: img recliners melbourne

jeanne41cx am 30.09.2017

There are several reasons that make IMG Recliners special and a product of choice for those looking for comfortable and ergonomically designed furniture. Make your selections online today!

jeanne41cx’ Tags: img recliners melbourne

London04ldo am 22.08.2017

Explore a variety of IMG comfort furniture that is available in unique sizes depending on your physical requirements and is designed to be as ergonomically correct as possible.

London04ldos Tags: img furniture

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